Workplace Design

Take the next step towards your new space. Explore the different ways we can bring out your office’s potential and realise your vision of the look and feel of your workspace.

Workplace design makes an office that’s just for you.

Watch the pieces fall into place. During the design phase we’ll offer new and exciting directions we can take your office, delivering the space that’ll bring your working environment and team to stunning new heights. Relish the journey – recoup the benefits.

For the business

  • Save time – we can start construction before the full design is finalised
  • Improve your sustainability
  • Evolve your space alongside your growing business

For the people

  • Bring everyone together as you watch the new creative direction unfold
  • Plan in-office routes with intentional design
  • Display your culture and personality to stakeholders at a glance

For the workplace

  • Bring your workplace vision to life
  • Future-proof your office space
  • Create a partnership with us that’ll solve all your built environment needs

Our workplace design approach.

Let’s chat

The heart and soul of our process. We bring together the elements of your team’s habits and personality from the consultancy phase, creating designs and refining them to support your goals and ambitions. Enjoy an open process with clear communication of direction, budget, and timeline.


During consultancy, our report determines how we’ll progress. But if you have your own evidence-based brief, we’ll happily review that and offer our insight and knowledge. Our team starts thinking, planning, and creating!


Initial designs and layouts will showcase exciting ideas and enticing directions. With each stage of refinement, we bring your office design closer to your true vision. No detail is missed or forgotten, so you can carve out your perfect space.


We’re firm believers in the power of collaboration. Just as we take on your needs and feedback at every stage, now we make sure there’s time together before finalising to make sure everything is as you anticipate and expect.


Once you’re happy the project aligns with your budget and time, and once we’ve made sure to explore all options, we can finalise and get ready to build! The final edits are made, and the working plans are drawn up.

What happens next?

Once your design has been polished to perfection, it’s time to put it into action. Transform your office and redefine the way you work with a workplace fit out that brings your chosen design to life, fulfilling your vision and providing a space that’s truly your own.

Workplace Fit Out

Clients also ask.

If you’ve got any questions, you can find out more through our FAQs where we answer common questions from our clients.

How much does it cost?

We aim to keep the cost of our services as low as we can, without impacting the quality of the result or the enjoyment of the process. We love our work, and want you to love it too. Our services are designed to deliver the best value for money, as well as the greatest outcome for your space. We do this by using an experienced in-house team, holding ourselves accountable for the project, and listening intently to your needs.

How long will it take?

The actual length of a project can vary depending on the size of the space, the steps of the process you’ll be taking, and the type of workplace that you’re after. If you have a large team, getting everyone’s habits and needs in order may take longer than it would for a smaller one.

We always endeavour to match your timescale, and work in a way that is convenient for you. We clearly show you the timeline of what will happen when, and make sure that we work to this schedule throughout the project.

Do I need to do workplace design if I already have one?

No! Our flexible team of experts are easily adaptable, and can take on projects based on existing designs. We still take the time to get to know you, making sure we’re on the right page when it comes to implementing the design. We’ll even look through the designs, challenging decisions and building our understanding to ensure your design is 100% right for you.

What are the key components to a successful workplace design project?

Understanding, commitment, accountability, and agility. These are the four main factors that impact any successful workplace project.

We take the time to truly understand who you are, what your goals are, and how you work. We produce results to an agreed timeline, and are committed to you even after the project ends.

Every member of our team holds themselves accountable, becoming fully invested in the project they’re on. As a small in-house team with a large amount of expertise, we also have to agility to adapt to whatever comes our way.

Can workplace improve sustainability goals?

Creating a bespoke workplace means making something that reflects the needs of your organisation and team. Sustainability is an important part of the modern built environment, and we have the skills and experience to bring this aspect into your new space.

Even during our processes, we make sure to follow sustainable practices so that the overall social and environmental impacts of our projects are as positive as can be.

Why is good workplace design important?

A well-designed workplace influences how stakeholders at every stage view and interact with your organisation. This list includes:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Visitors
  • Shareholders
  • Managers
  • You

Every group on this list represents an integral part of your building. Broadcasting who you are and what you stand for is key in grabbing their attention, directing them to the correct location, and ensuring people are engaged and on-board with your personality and culture.

An ineffective design results in negative impacts for the people involved, and by extension may cause your business to suffer. The workplace design phase prevents this issue by refining your design until it covers all your needs, achieving your vision in a practical, comprehensive manner.

What’s the difference between workplace design and consultancy?

Workplace Design and Workplace Consultancy are different stages of the office design and build process. During the consultancy phase, the needs and habits of your business, staff, and clients are assessed and written into a report. This data is enacted upon during the design stage. 

Effectively, the key differences between the design and consultancy services from AMH Projects are the processes involved. During Workplace Consultancy, we work to understand your needs and company personality, helping us to tailor our future design briefs to match who you are. 

Then, during the design phase, we create the actual concepts that you can work through with us to produce a polished final product when we move on to the fit out or implementation phase. 

What is the objective of workplace design?

The primary objective of workplace design is to ensure that your upcoming fit out aligns with your personality, offering, and future growth. It can also have the added effects of improving wellbeing, contributing to motivation and efficiency, and can even lead to increased profits and productivity.

What’s the difference between job design and workplace design?

Job design and workplace design are similar in the sense that they both contribute towards a positive working environment for you and your employees. The way they differ is in their approach.

Workplace design focuses on the physical and visual elements of your workspace; this includes things like desk space, tools, workstations, and break areas. The way your office looks is also a factor for the wellbeing and happiness of your team.

Job design, on the other hand, focuses on administrative changes. Alongside workplace design, this helps feed into an overarching improvement of the working conditions in your business.