Workplace consultancy

Every voice is heard. Our workplace consultancy gives you the knowledge of how to optimise your environment to enhance productivity, efficiency, and wellbeing – laying the groundwork for a seamless transition to design.

Workplace consultancy benefits more than just the process.

Get excited for what’s to come. Consultancy is a crucial stage of the process, helping us understand and map out what you need – and showing what you can expect from us. It helps us gather measurable insights that we can transform into a dazzling design.

For the business

  • Increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations
  • Improve your sustainability
  • Keep your office space in-line with your business growth

For the people

  • Gives your team a chance to be heard
  • Plan in-office routes with intentional design
  • Represent your culture and personality

For the workplace

  • Plan in-office experiences with intentional design, backed by our metrics
  • Future-proof your office space
  • Create a partnership with us that’ll solve all your built environment needs

Our workplace consultancy approach.

Let’s chat

It all starts with you and your team. Through a number of engaging activities like surveys and team workshops, we root out the wants and needs of everyone involved – a foundational step to creating the best space for your business.

Data Gathering

We start with you. We listen to you and your team, learning how you currently use your space, and how we can help you achieve your aspirations. We do this through a design that’ll deliver an impeccable experience for clients, staff, and stakeholders.


Now we expertly sieve through the data and crunch the numbers. This way, we can see what your people need and want. This helps unlock your space requirements and get a flavour for the look and feel.


We love presenting our findings and double checking the details. When everyone agrees, we have the foundation of your space and a focus on the look and feel.


Finally, we bring it all together in an evidence- based brief which shows that we clearly understand your needs. You can then confidently identify potential new workspaces.

What happens next?

Workplace consultancy is only the beginning. Bring your ideas to life in the design stage, as we take the ideas and vision of your business and transform them into something you can see – providing the framework for your future growth and success.

Workplace design

Clients also ask.

If you’ve got any questions, you can find out more through our FAQs where we answer common questions from our clients.

How much does it cost?

We aim to keep the cost of our services as low as we can, without impacting the quality of the result or the enjoyment of the process. We love our work, and want you to love it too. Our services are designed to deliver the best value for money, as well as the greatest outcome for your space. We do this by using an experienced in-house team, holding ourselves accountable for the project, and listening intently to your needs.

How long will it take?

The actual length of a project can vary depending on the size of the space, the steps of the process you’ll be taking, and the type of workplace that you’re after. If you have a large team, getting everyone’s habits and needs in order may take longer than it would for a smaller one.

We always endeavour to match your timescale, and work in a way that is convenient for you. We clearly show you the timeline of what will happen when, and make sure that we work to this schedule throughout the project.

Do I have to carry out workplace consultancy if I have a brief?

No! While we believe our workplace consultancy will give you the best results for your new office space, it is absolutely not a requirement. We’re more than happy to move straight into the design phase, or jump in at anywhere on the design-build journey to give you the office that you desire.

What are the key components to a successful workplace consultancy project?

Understanding, commitment, accountability, and agility. These are the four main factors that impact any successful workplace project.

We take the time to truly understand who you are, what your goals are, and how you work. We produce results to an agreed timeline, and are committed to you even after the project ends.

Every member of our team holds themselves accountable, becoming fully invested in the project they’re on. As a small in-house team with a large amount of expertise, we also have to agility to adapt to whatever comes our way.

Can workplace consultancy improve sustainability goals?

Creating a bespoke workplace means making something that reflects the needs of your organisation and team. Sustainability is an important part of the modern built environment, and we have the skills and experience to bring this aspect into your new space.

Even during our processes, we make sure to follow sustainable practices so that the overall social and environmental impacts of our projects are as positive as can be.

What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace Consultancy is the process in which a Workplace Consultant engages with employees and staff of all levels, using data gathering and analysis tools such as surveys to get a picture as to what the needs of your company’s culture and workday are.

Workplace consultancy is the foundation for any office design, fit out, or refurbishment. It considers the specifics of your workspace, including the area available and the individual needs of each employee. It aims to create a journey that is unique to staff of all levels, while also providing a clear and directed experience for visitors such as clients and stakeholders.

By consulting with employees, we ensure that your new workplace design will increase the wellbeing of your staff and the productivity of your business.

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What’s the difference between workplace design and consultancy?

Workplace Design and Workplace Consultancy are different stages of the office design and build process. During the consultancy phase, the needs and habits of your business, staff, and clients are assessed and written into a report. This data is enacted upon during the design stage.

Effectively, the key differences between the design and consultancy services from AMH Projects are the processes involved. During Workplace Consultancy, we work to understand your needs and company personality, helping us to tailor our future design briefs to match who you are.

Then, during the design phase, we create the actual concepts that you can work through with us to produce a polished final product when we move on to the fit out or implementation phase.

Is an employee happiness consultant different from a workplace consultant?

Typically, no. An Employee Happiness Consultant and a Workplace Consultant are the same thing, as employees and workers are happier and more productive in a developed, well-structured workplace. However, there can be a few differences between them.

An Employee Happiness Consultant is focused on the aspect of happiness in the workplace. This leads to increased wellbeing, productivity, and profitability for businesses.

This increase in happiness can be achieved through consultancy and design. Workplace Consultancy analyses the needs and working habits of employees, enabling a tailored plan to be constructed that is specialised for them.

This comes with a number of additional benefits, including better experiences for visitors, stakeholder engagement, and staff of all levels. At AMH Projects, we deliver bespoke Workplace services to assess, detail, and ultimately address the requirements of your workspace.