Plessey South West Administration and North Office


The Third phase is the largest workspace of the estate, housing technical leads and engineers which are the drivers for innovation and creation of the business products. With a diverse workforce and with differing objectives the floorplate needed to encompass everybody’s needs, with high priority being sought for meeting rooms, collaboration areas and individual focus spaces without compromise to the working community and team spirit.


The design had to reflect the ever-evolving workplace. With community and collaboration as our focus, the environment needed to be inviting, comfortable and to balance the clinical technical approach of its users. As a company with a focused target, backed by loyal staff engagement a circuitous approach was deemed better for inclusion and allowed softer spaces scattered throughout which allows for natural collaboration to take place. Focus rooms provide essential concentration areas whilst meeting rooms with heavily specified technology allow greater connection to clients and supply chains.


Delivered on time and within budget the floorplate and working environment now matches the cutting edge culture of the business and its workforce, Collaboration points have brought added value through knowledge transfer whilst booths and meeting rooms have become essential for worldwide communication. The softer yet professional environment balances the support for the employees and drive for greater productivity.