British Heart Foundation

“AMH is one of the best consultancies I’ve ever worked with, in particular Martyn and Corneluis. They are friendly, professional, have great expertise, a fantastic customer focus and are truly a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Director, BHF

BHF had a unique opportunity to create an innovative office space that reflected their values of care and support whilst maximising the potential for productivity.

Design workshops were conducted to review and gather feedback from up to 60 BHF champions at a time. The new office space needed to be a combination of social, collaborative and quiet spaces that would attract top talent and encourage productivity.


Well designed workspaces were created to celebrate the art-deco heritage and incredible architecture within this iconic building. BHF’s focus on promoting hybrid and remote working meant there was a need for adequate social spaces to build personal connections between employees. To achieve this, a cafe was located near the entrance which provides a fantastic, energetic first impression and showcases the inclusive culture at BHF.

Re-using existing furniture maximised value and new multi-functional pieces delivered quality. Computer generated 3D walkthroughs helped to ensure buy in and clear understanding from all stakeholders, whilst live space planning sessions meant urgent changes were quickly adopted.


The final project was completed on time and within budget, and has been described as “an inspiring and buzzy place to work.” The new office showcases the great work of BHF, connecting staff and promoting their vision of hybrid working. By reducing the square footage of the lease and the number of desks by 50%, BHF has achieved substantial ongoing savings.

The response to the new office has been overwhelmingly positive, and it has become a destination for staff to collaborate and connect. Strategic co-ordination and communication was critical to ensure that the project ran smoothly and in timely manner with moving BHF from their existing space into their new home.

This project demonstrates the importance of careful planning, collaboration and delivering good value in creating a successful office space. The new office reflects BHF’s commitment to their employees and will continue to support the organisation for many years to come.