Plessey (South East Admin)

“We are enjoying the new office space, designed by AMH, which is modern, light and airy. The main open plan area provides the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and also maximises natural daylight. The range of work locations, whether offices, open plan, high table, desk or quiet rooms provides employees with a variety of options depending on needs throughout the working day.”

Pippa James - HR Director

Continuing Plessey’s new ways of working we were instructed to look at an additional wing of the building that would support the day to day activities and challenge the team to work more collaboratively. We carried out team workshops and meetings with core project team to ensure we designed a workspace that would enable a supportive and innovative environment to work


New height adjustable workstations and task chairs allowed the team to carry out focused work within an open plan and agile space. Collaborative benches with interactive display screens encourage the team to move freely throughout the office whilst soft sofas and meeting booths provided a comfortable and relaxing space to have informal chats or individual working. Quiet rooms were created to allow private phone calls, video conference calls or focus work to take place. The 3D acoustic wall tiles help absorb noise and create a focus on the work in hand. Pops of colour and textures were carried through from the lower mezzanine and complement the holistic scheme of the workspace. The WC’s were given a new lease of life with bold banana leaf graphics and sophisticated fixtures they are a feature in there own right!


The new working environment has challenged the team at Plessey to step away from individual desk pods and high dividing screens to embrace an open plan and agile working environment. Individual offices still allow private meetings and conversations to take place whilst the collaborate nature pf the space supports and variety of work settings. The team have experienced a much more open and honest style to working at the office.