British Heart Foundation

“We love our fantastic new office space – the feedback from the teams has been so positive, they love the new bright, open and airy workspace. My personal favourite is the addition of the individual booths, these have allowed me to escape to a quiet area when I need to focus on something, I think these are a great addition to an open plan office space where you can quite often get disturbed.”

James Livingston, Facilities Manager

With wellbeing at the heart of what they do, the British Heart Foundation’s new workspace for their Birmingham hub needed an injection of creative design to energise their team and initiate a new agile working approach. The team at this location do a variety of roles so a breakout area to bring everyone together was an invaluable inclusion to the overall scheme. As a charitable organisation, maximising value for their investment was also a key consideration in the design.


Their ‘wellbeing’ brand was embodied in the layout of the breakout area with a variety of areas to relax, work and socialise. Natural finishes and plants were a focus for the design to promote connections to nature within the workspace. A large cork wall to display notices and messages from their supporters is an emotive source of reminder of the positive outcomes of the work the team are doing. This area is a busy hub of activity throughout the day, providing a welcoming place for the early risers having breakfast, a variety of choices for all kinds of ad-hoc meetings and a lunchtime destination for the entire team to come together. Working alongside the office is a production area, for sending out mailings to their supporters, which has been planned meticulously to ensure the most efficient use of space and the most effective flow for their team. To promote sustainable design and maximise value where possible, the furniture and fixtures from their existing office were re-used in the new design to keep wastage to a minimum.


Following their move, the team have experienced a change in the ethos associated with their workspace. The increased functionality of the overall workspace is driving a new culture that is more in line with their company vision. Promoting movement throughout the day, with activity based working, has increased the number of steps per day of their team which will in turn help to keep their hearts healthy – a value close to their heart.