Newsquest Media / Local IQ

“We’ve chosen AMH Projects time and time again for a number of our offices around the country. Not only do they understand us as a business, but with each project they have been creative with their ideas, and always provide many options for us to consider.”

Hussain Bayoomi, Managing Director

It was necessary to support Newsquest Media / Local IQ during the very early stages of this project, and different premises were assessed through space planning and floor layout ideas before the historic, mixed-used Chartist Tower building was chosen. Previously, departments were spread across a number of buildings on the same site, so engaging with staff to understand their needs and to bring the various teams together under one roof was key.


The open plan layout allows teams to easily communicate and collaborate. Soft furnishing and hanging acoustic panels help manage acoustic sound transfer throughout the office, these also help give privacy to desks where confidentiality is required. The arrangement of meeting rooms along the perimeter of the floorplate, give easy private access to staff for Teams calls and hybrid meetings. The welcoming break-out area has a variety of seating solutions such as high tables and booths which give this space a multi-function use. With staff having access to the amenities of the hotel within the same building, it meant more office space could be used to create the ideal working environment.

Decorative design features nod to the industry the business has a steep heritage in, and the brand colours feature within the colour palette. Navigating the office is made easy through the simple use of corresponding coloured floor tiles along walkways and in meeting rooms which move people intuitively around the space. Pops of fresh, vibrant colours, wall graphics of nature, and utilising the natural light which floods the space, all contributes to the well-being of staff.


The new office provides a space where everyone can come together, not only improving how the various teams work with one another, but creating a community-like feel within. The layout of the departments allow each team to have ownership of their designated space, whilst feeling connected to their colleagues and proud of the organisation they’re a part of. The transformed space embodies the evolution and growth the business is going through, and as the flagship office, the amenities available to staff, clients and visitors are certainly newsworthy.