Plessey (Lower Mezzanine)

“The justification behind this investment is the value of the ideas that come out, and it’s as simple as that. If you give people an an environment that they are comfortable to work within then you get multiple folds of payback on that because you’re getting great inventions. Working with AMH, the process was very straight forward with a lot of good communication between our companies, negotiation around ideas to always reach a mutual agreement and we’ve ended up with this fantastic result.”

Myles Blake, Business Information Director

A fast evolving organisation requires a flexible approach to their workspace design and, in the midst of a pivotal shift in their product offering, this was exactly what Plessey needed. Supporting their organisational growth and introducing new ways of working, the reimagined team environment needed to work really hard for them to attract new talent, invigorate the existing team and drive the new culture and brand.


The heart of the re-design is a new collaboration hub that incorporates a variety of settings to work and relax including high and low collaboration tables, acoustic booths for meetings, comfortable lounge seating and a teapoint island to perch and enjoy a cuppa. The multitude of choices provides the user with an increased level of control over their environment, promoting empowerment of the individual, adapting to their needs and supporting wellbeing. The positioning of the lounge seating next to the glazed facade allow the user a connection with nature and views to the horizon creating a relaxed setting for thoughtful work and reflection. The hub is a central point for interconnected routes through the building and so increases the opportunities for informal interactions as people will naturally cross paths through the space. The colour palette creates an inviting and energising environment whilst complimenting the views to the front of the building. The flooring detail incorporates a variety of finishes of carpets and vinyls to provide an attractive and durable solution. The inclusion of a large Red Acer tree celebrates the vast ceiling height creating an impactful focal point.


This is the existing workspace for Plessey and so the refurbishment works were carried out in occupation, adapting the needs of the surrounding workspaces to minimise disruption to the business operations. Following the creation of the new collaboration hub, the team have seen an increase in morale and pride in their workplace in line with the success that they have been experiencing in their new business venture.