“AMH provided a great service and displayed a commitment to the project that inspired confidence and delivered a fantastic new office to launch the new company. I would definitely recommend using AMH due to their knowledge, experience and service.”

Jeremy Fisher, Commercial and Operations Director

The biggest requirement of the design brief was to clearly represent and amalgamate the three pre-existing brands that were to create the new singular brand of Edit. The staff were also a big part of this and it was important to humanise the spatial and material palette.


Providing an inspiring space for staff to increase wellbeing and therefore increase productivity, collaboration, creativeness and staff retention. The host of exciting meeting spaces, break out areas and open plan desking also inspires visitors and clients which in turn increases project wellbeing and success. Creating staff spaces equally inspirational and individual (not necessarily business or brand focused) gives the staff an increased feeling of confidence and value. The offices that are set over two floors provide a diversity of space for staff to enjoy lively conversation, sharing of ideas and forming valuable relationships.


A large auditorium was required for project meetings, company events and ad hoc collaboration. The auditorium forms part of the open plan teapoint which provides two main benefits: one providing a larger audience space when required; and two the seating can be used as a social space naturally when not being used as an auditorium. Combining the spaces alleviated fears of such a large space not fully being utilised within the scheme, This has proven to be a great success! The Office Design and Fit Out was completed in 8 weeks.