Joint Operations

“Having the right home is just as important for a company as it is for an individual. The team at AMH designed and delivered a wonderful environment for Joint Operations and Regen Medical to run our business, and for this we’re very appreciative.”

Beckie Holmes, Joint Operations, Project Manager

The team at Joint Operations have been growing rapidly over the last few years, and needed a larger home for their increasing infrastructure and support team. The business has both office and warehouse functionality, so the workspace design needed to support both of these very different work activities, whilst ensuring the teams can engage as much as possible. The leadership team have very strong environmental values and so sustainable solutions were integrated into the overall design right from the start.


A central hub breakout space for both the office and warehouse teams to get together has been created in the heart of the workspace, promoting interactions between both office and warehouse teams at break times. The meeting spaces work hard for the office and wider field-based teams, with a large conference room for training and formal meetings and also a multi-functional room to support in house meetings, video conferencing and training webinar recordings. For the work activities that are predominantly desk based, sit stand desk have been provided to promote a healthier way of working. In the warehouse, security and efficiency have been the focus to ensure all products are safely stored and delivered to their customers with the highest standards. Powering the workspace has been done in the most green way possible from the solar panels on the roof and eco-friendly lighting to the new electric car charging point in the car park, providing the team with lots of ways to make a positive difference.


The relocation of the office team and warehousing facility required a high level of planning to ensure that the day to day distribution of medical equipment was not impacted by their move. The improved workspace for the whole team at Joint Operations will support the ongoing growth and success of the organisation to allow them to continue to service their growing client base and the patients that benefit from the work that they do.