Gutsy Animations

A versatile and vibrant office with a residential feel to it, making it the perfect setting for creative ideas to flow.


For this animation studio it was crucial to find the right location, and a number of properties were explored and evaluated around Bristol before settling on Whiteladies Road. This location is a great cultural fit. It offers great transport links, various eateries and close to Clifton Downs for a walk, run or a staff picnic.


The open plan layout is designed to allow better communication and connection between staff, and the space has been maximised by having muti-purpose areas used for both creative sessions and more focussed work. To support their various roles, room acoustics and light temperature was important, along with versatile wall spaces to display concept art and inspiration for various projects. For a very visual company, having the right type of spaces to share ideas was key.


The workplace has a very residential feel with lots of areas for staff to personalise, enabling a sense of shared ownership making the office somewhere staff wanted to visit and work.

Departments are positioned in better proximity to one another, and by implementing the right technology, acoustics, power, and data needs to support their requirements, teams can work more efficiently. The sensory requirements of the correct sound and light levels have been achieved meaning the highly skilled process of creating the Moomins amongst other productions can run efficiently.