AMH Projects

“Our new office has received a wealth of positive feedback, we couldn’t be happier!”

AMH Projects

We had quickly outgrown our existing office and required a much larger space to accommodate the expanding company. Within the new footprint we wanted to create a variety of focus, meeting and collaboration areas.


We designed the office to include an open plan working environment to maintain team communication and encourage collaborative working. We incorporated plenty of eye catching details and designs such as the ‘create’ sign, made up of 1,465 pencils. Through well placed wall graphics we have expressed our core team messages. A palette of posture was introduced in the shape of sit / stand workstations, allowing great ergonomics and encouraging personal preference to be fully explored. The office needed to be functional and provide a variety of working zones, our design area provides us with lots of storage and surface working area whilst also doubling up as a high level collaboration area.


It was important to inject personality and a wow factor that reflects us individually and as a company. This is not only our office but also our showroom that we can’t wait to show to clients and visitors. The high ceilings made the space acoustically challenging but by using a variety of soft furnishings along with suspended acoustic ceiling rafts and acoustic panels we were able to reduce and diffuse the noise levels.