Planning for your Project

Like doing anything in the most efficient and effective way, designing and fitting-out your ideal workspace will always benefit from good preparation and planning.

Quite often we have conversations with clients once the impending deadline of a lease end is looming over them, and unfortunately, that can create unnecessary pressure on the whole process. Initial conversations well in advance of an office move, or refurbishment are always a sensible option. This will allow more time for deliberation, research, and thought around the design of your new workspace to occur before you find yourself working against a tight schedule.

Early conversations can also provide guidance around really useful things to consider such as using a commercial property agent to help you understand the market and source potential new premises. This could have huge benefits, not just on having options of which location to invest in, but also, they can support you through negotiations with landlords around rates of square footage, rent free periods and support with fit-out costs.

Knowing what to enquire about with your prospective landlord around contributions can be a valuable asset, as it can help develop the budget you have to invest in your space, without the cost impacting you! This could include upgrading the HVAC system, which would not only improve the quality of air and thermal comfort within the office, but also be more cost effective from an energy savings point of view.

Similarly, you could receive contributions to upgrade your lighting systems. Modern lighting systems are more sustainable, better value for money and the lighting within a workspace can have huge impact on productivity, the ability to focus and well-being factors such as eyestrain and headaches. Cost savings from contributions can certainly amount to quite sizeable figures, especially when you consider the replacement of damaged or worn carpet tiles, yet another element to discuss with your landlord.

Regarding the financing of a project, there are a number of ways this can be done. Clients we have worked with have opted for whichever route works for them, but whilst we do not advise on financial matters, we work with a number of trusted finance providers who will be able to provide clear and transparent guidance of how to finance your project, with benefits of tax saving and releasing capital.

When planning your workspace design and fit out project, we believe it’s important to align with likeminded businesses who share your values when it comes to important matters. Such as sustainability. AMH Projects partner with a number of furniture suppliers who have robust recycling and sustainability programmes which ensures no waste goes to landfill. In regard to furniture suppliers, we always advise allowing time to visit show rooms, particularly in Clerkenwell, London to experience the furniture, to meet the suppliers first-hand to learn about their green credentials.

Our workspace consultancy service is the first stage of our committed partnership with our clients, but for any initial guidance, direction, or simply a brief discussion to understand how to start navigating your workspace design and fit-out project, please feel free to arrange a no-obligation conversation on 0117 231 0077. Our team would love to support you on your journey.