“We realised we were asking for a lot within the same space, but the design excels on all levels and the delivery was faultless as ever, we expected nothing less; great job!”

Mark McGuigan, General Manager UK & Ireland

Within the same office footprint Samsonite required additional offices and open plan desks to cope with expanding staff levels without compromising the showroom and display area capacity.


This was clearly going to be a design challenge, but our design team were not phased. Once we had drafted out our initial ideas it became clear that a complete rebuild would be required to fully achieve the brief. By incorporating the showroom internally within the building allowed maximisation of display area whilst allowing the external glazing to provide the perfect backdrop for the new offices. This allowed a more rationalised open plan office to provide adequate working space for the expansion in staff numbers. It was important that Samsonite’s reputation for innovative design and build quality was reflected in the office design.


All staff and furniture were relocated to a temporary office for the duration of the major re-plan and refurbishment. This allowed clear access to the site for the 3 week build to take place.