“Dealing with AMH we found that they were very engaging and enthusiastic, they exceeded expectations”

Philip Pakianathan, Operations Director

Permasense desired an office that encouraged staff interaction and collaboration as well as areas for departments to undertake their specific activities in isolation. A further key requirement was to ensure that the warehouse area was correctly sized to allow maximum space for the offices. It was important to gain an understanding on how the office design will be able to adapt for expansion over the next three years. There was a specific need for a mix of meeting rooms and Skype rooms as well as a single large space that could accommodate up to 50 staff for company meetings


To create the opportunity for informal staff interaction we constructed a large central hub area. This houses a large break out space, a range of meeting rooms and partially open acoustic booths. We introduced a central corridor route to the meeting rooms, reducing disruption to staff in the open plan office. In the central hub we designed and constructed open acoustic booths for use as informal meeting spaces, readily available when needed. Also included in the design were acoustic booths for single occupancy these were situated in the open plan area, providing staff with a space away from distractions.


Permasense found it important that all staff members were included on the design and fit out journey from the earliest stage possible. This meant that the new design fully considered each individuals activity requirements to carry out their roles. We carried out design workshops with all staff, the engagement with the teams meant we gained an in depth understanding of how each department works. The design workshops enabled us to quickly understand what was and wasn’t working and where improvement was needed. The Office Design and Fit out was completed in 8 weeks.