“The team at AMH understood our vision for the organisational culture and guided our team with solutions that support each element that is important to us. The new workspace removed a lot of the physical barriers, enabling the team to collaborate more easily. The space works really hard for us, providing a workplace for our growing team of more than fifty staff, with an efficient use of real estate.”

Justin Moore, Bouygues, Operations Director

The move to a new premises was an opportunity to ensure their workspace effectively supported their culture. The focus of the workplace design was to improve communication across the entire team and create an environment that enabled them to pursue new ways of working that support their company vision.


The team at Bouygues chose to adopt an open plan workspace where the whole team sit together, making it easier for everyone to communicate freely with each other. They have also provided workstations that are unassigned to permanent users to provide space for their wider team, who could not be accommodated before. This has created an opportunity for the entire team to work from the office when they need to. Each team member has access to locker storage so that everyone has a secure place for their belongings. Solutions for formal meetings, ad-hoc meetings and private phone calls were created to give the team choice and flexibility about where they work. The reception has been integrated into the open workspace to create a connection with the rest of the team which wasn’t there before. The data from a storage audit of their existing space allowed the Bouygues team to confidently provide the minimal amount of storage throughout the new office. This was a key initiative for the organisation as they move towards a paperless system. Keeping the area around reception on brand to welcome visitors to the space, the look and feel of the breakout area has been chosen to move away from the brand to encourage a change in headspace when you move from the main workspace. Natural materials were incorporated as much as possible to stimulate a warm and energising backdrop.


The new workspace is now supporting the leadership team at Bouygues in Cardiff to create new habits that are driving their culture in the direction they envisage. The engaging appearance of the new workspace characterises the professional image that the organisation is looking to convey to its employees, contractors and clients. The new office build was completed in a 4 week time frame.