Wellness, at the Heart of What We Do

Creating experiences which spark the senses and inspire emotions is why designing with your people in mind is so important.

The term “biophilia” refers to the human’s innate connection with nature. Biophilic Design is an effective way to improve your team environment and bring real interest to you workplace. Utilising natural light, implementing living plant life, water features, natural materials and even pictures of natural elements has been proven to do wonders for people.

Being attentive to your team’s well-being is paramount within modern workspaces, and the use of biophilic design can have quite an impact. Studies indicate that being exposed to natural elements leads to reductions in depression, anger,
anxiety, and stress levels. It improves moods and makes people feel happier and more energised. Those who work in areas of natural light sleep better, and when you’re experiencing natural surroundings, your brain actually doesn’t use as much energy, allowing an increase in cognitive capacity.

From the perspective of having a positive impact on your team members and business as a whole, biophilic design has been proven to improve productivity and creativity, concentration and memory re-call, and has even helped to reduce absenteeism. Taking the advantages to your business one step further, studies found having the option to work within spaces containing biophilic design, would unequivocally affect their decision of whether or not to work there.

Bringing the outdoors in, is always a wonderful way to make our designs interesting and enticing and supports our beliefs in creating spaces to make people happy. If you’d like to discuss how adding nature can enhance your workspace, please get in contact on 0117 231 0077, and speak to our team.