Our Approach to Your Workspace Journey

Each project we undertake is driven by the desire to provide the best solution for your specific workspace needs. As we work as partners through your brief and budget, together we’re able to create your vision, through our expertise.


It is essential that your new workspace adds value to everyone who experiences it. Our workspace consultation and analyses will explore the needs of your people and your business by understanding your culture, identifying your ways of working, being clear on your brand objectives, and forecasting any requirements which may evolve in the future. We invest our time in documenting your smallest preferences to your biggest passions, from your technical requirements to your dream requests. Developing a detailed project brief which comes from the heart and soul of your people, provides us with the basis on which to create a beautifully bespoke environment for you.


Well-designed workspaces will stimulate the senses and evoke emotions. As the look and feel of your new workspace evolves with every creative spark and thought-through idea, functional layouts begin to set the scene. Specified workplace settings inform about the function, purpose, and benefit of the space, whilst scheme finishes and mood boards capture the imagination. 3D visuals and rendered images unveils exactly how your workspace will appear as we walk you through every design concept.

Every detail will be considered including the finishes, fabrics and colour palette so that you can make sure you are happy with everything before you commit to a final design.

We appreciate that this will be a journey for you and so our design team will continue to support your project throughout the build phase so that if any updates are required as we move forward, they can be accommodated.


Having the correct foundations of idea exploration and design creation means your completed workspace will be built to last. With your workspace journey established our detailed programme of design development, working drawings, construction phases, and steps to completion, map the way to your new destination. Specialists from various fields collaborate to deliver a consistent level of service, as the project is managed to specific timeframes. Implementing furniture and furnishings are by no means the final part of the job, our commitment to you and the project continues even once you’ve finally settled into your new workspace.

Whether you are opening a new office, relocating an existing workspace or refurbishing the workplace you are in, our team will plan your project to ensure your business keeps running with minimal disruption.

Our team are here to help you begin your journey towards creating your new workspace so please get in touch on 0117 231 0077 to arrange an initial meeting!