Key Questions Before You Start a Project

Since businesses have started planning their return to the office, we’ve been supporting a number of clients in helping them understand how to begin shaping a workspace strategy.

This can be a complex process at the best of times, but with so much uncertainty in how members of the team will use the workplace moving forward, companies are finding themselves asking more and more questions.

We’ve formulated a simplified starting point, as overcomplicating matters in the first instance can make planning a project feel overwhelming. As a fun test, we did this ourselves regarding our own office, and it even helped us highlight our needs and requirements and any changes that have occurred.

Before the pandemic struck…

  • For what *reasons did you need an office?
  • Who were the *users, and what did they do?
  • What *facilities did you need in the office to support the functions of the users?

Following the pandemic and planning for the future…

  • For what *reasons do you need an office?
  • Who are the *users, and what do they do?
  • What *facilities do you need in the office to support the functions of the users?

*Reasons: Community, space to do business, collaboration for staff, validation of business credentials, client perception/confidence, staff retention, security of intellectual property, knowledge sharing, communication within business, attracting top talent, employee support, creating positive culture, because it is the accepted way, future proofing, training, producing/creating product

*Users: Team members, junior through to senior levels, full-time, part-time, departments, staff from other office locations, visitors, clients, suppliers, contractors, business partnerships

*Facilities: Quiet lone working desks, general working desks, enclosed meeting rooms – formal and informal, open meeting spaces – formal and informal, project spaces, collaborative areas, video conference requirements, break out spaces, library area, soft seating areas, printer stations, reception area, visitor/client area, hot desking (short and long stay), touch down areas, storage areas

Through working with clients recently, we have produced some useful design resources and a more in-depth look at further questions and considerations to be discussed when planning for an office design and fit-out project. If you’d like to receive the resources we’ve created, please answer the questions above and return to and we’ll send them out to you.