How To Maximise Your Design Brief

The design brief is the first vital step to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the aims, objectives and aspirations of your project.

Working with you we will extract and define a clear brief that helps us develop trust and understanding throughout this collaborative stage. We will challenge, support and advise you so that the brief is always at the heart of our goal and in turn will create and deliver a successful project. Below are some key areas that should be considered…

People and Culture

Your company culture is really important when thinking about the workspace. It links employee engagement, happiness, productivity and retention rate. Think about your company identity and purpose. This will create clear expectations from your employees and in turn create a positive workforce engagement, which drives productivity and creates a confident and happy atmosphere.

Supportive Workspaces

Your workspace should be designed around your people and clearly defining every single persons function so that they understand their contribution to the bigger picture. We will work with you to understand what is important, the nice to haves and must haves to create an intuitive and functional workspace. Promoting wellbeing can help prevent stress and create a positive working environment where individuals and organisations can thrive. Designing spaces or rewards is a great way to create a happy workforce.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of your office will be experienced from the moment you or a visitor walk through the doors. It’s not just about cushions and colours, it’s about how a space makes you feel. The workspace should be a clear reflection of your company and culture. Whether it’s a space for socialising in the office, quiet working zones or collaboration hubs, the design of each work setting must be considered.

Budget and Timescales

We understand that you may not have an exact figure in mind, but as experienced workspace consultants we will work with you to manage your expectations throughout the process. It’s important to have some idea of the desired budget spend so that we can work with you to achieve this and highlight any areas where additional / less spend will be beneficial. Timescales are also important, data gathering and analytical work takes time and we can’t stress how important this is to drive the brief and project. Clarifying any constraints and expectations upfront is necessary to an open and honest relationship.