Collaboration Space Concepts

During the ‘Create’ stage our our design and fit-out process we always endeavour to to provide a number of design solutions for the client to choose from.

In recent times there has been an increase in the demand for effective collaboration and meeting spaces as teams focus more on being creative and innovative together on the days that they are in the office.

Each solution will offer a slightly different benefit and have somewhat alternative functions to how the space can be used and for what reason. This demonstrates the need for the in-depth research and analysis which we conduct during the ‘Explore’ phase of working with a client as we’ll be able to identify in the various needs and requirements and offer the most appropriate design concepts based on that information.

Every element of our design is thought about and have reasoning behind them to help you achieve the objectives of your workspace project. We provide direction on furniture for comfort and functionality, furnishings for aesthetics, workplace solutions such as acoustics to reduce noise pollution, storage solutions to maximise your space, all in a manner which fits with your budget.


If you have a workspace design project that you would like to discuss with the team, then please get in contact on 0117 231 0077 and watch how your ideas are brought to life!