A Timeline Guide to Moving Offices

When considering moving offices, we always recommend giving yourself as much lead time as possible. Having the right team of experts assisting you is crucial to having every stage of the re-location flow seamlessly into the next.

Here’s a simple guideline of the key timeframes to consider:

15 months prior:

It’s important to understand the property marketplace as you plan for an office move. Commercial agents will be able to give you the best insight to available properties, market trends and useful advice around rates.

12 months prior:

Having analysed the market, you can now start your property search. It’s important to have a number of options to choose between so you will make an informed and evaluated decision.

9 months prior:

At this stage, a workspace design & build partner can assist you in establishing how the design of the space can contribute to the success of your business. Knowing what your office could look like and how your people will function within it before committing to a lease is so important. Once a suitable location has been identified you will begin negotiating the terms of your new lease.

6 months prior:

The preparation will have paid off with your new office now being secured, your trusted design & build partner assigned to the project, and all necessary steps being in place for a smooth transition out of your existing space, and into your home!

Our team are here to help you through every step of creating your new workspace, even if it’s long before we arrive at the design and build stage, so please get in touch on 0117 231 0077.