We're a passionate and creative team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We will advise, guide and work with you every step of the way

Martyn Hind

Founder & Project Manager
Martyn has been working in the construction industry for almost 30 years, with over half of this time specialising in interior design and fit-out projects. He formed the company in 2013 with the sole aim of creating a design lead interiors business that focuses purely on the client's needs and wishes backed up by a strong, experienced project management delivery team. He loves the creative, collaborative nature of the projects and the positive lasting impression AMH Commercial Projects leaves on all the clients we engage with. Away from the business Martyn enjoys playing golf but with 3 young children spends more time thinking about playing golf than actually playing!

Melody Hill

Head of Design
Melody has been working in the industry for over 15 years and has wealth of knowledge in workplace design. Working with clients to gain an insight to their industry and extracting their brief to create a supportive and functional workplace that inspires and motivates the team is what drives her.Anything that’s ‘out of the box’ and slightly bonkers is right up her street! Known in the office as sport Billy Melody is often playing netball, climbing a rock face or whizzing down a mountain on a snowboard! Loving all sarcastic and dry humour Melody is currently loving Task master and This country.

Corneluis Lourens

Corneluis eats, sleeps and lives design. Whether it is learning a new craft skill or trying his hand at stone masonry. Originally from South-Africa he now calls the vibrant City of Bristol his home. Fun fact, he was part of an opera troupe in his 20's and decided at 28 to be an Interior designer – talk about a late bloomer! When not designing he likes to travel and finds nothing more satisfying than exploring ancient city streets with tucked away bistros in far-away places

Gareth Watson

Project Manager
With over 10 years of exposure built across the infrastructure, commercial fit-out and refurbishment space, Gareth is a dynamic and diversely experienced Project Management professional. With a genuine passion for the fit-out industry and the unique challenges that arise from each project, Gareth’s ability to adapt, improvise, and get things done is one of his true assets. Out of the office, Gareth has a busy family life with his wife and their four children. Cooking, and entertaining friends is a favourite pass time as well as exploring the South West countryside on his bike. Fun fact, Gareth used to DJ in his native country South Africa, and still produces music as a creative outlet.

Jim Nayak

Relationship Manager
Jim nurtures new and existing relationships with our clients, and is likely to be found at a networking event or attending discussions on well-being, one of his huge passions. Always happiest with a kettlebell or dumbbell in his hands, Jim loves all sorts of fitness, and often competes in CrossFit competitions. Fun fact, Jim used to play drums in a band, with a career highlight of playing at Glastonbury!

Clare Board

Office Manager
Clare really enjoys the human side of interacting with our clients and contractors, making sure everyone knows what's going on and has what they need. Clare loves being part of a small office where everyone has their special skill but are also happy to give anything and everything a go. Clare is a prolific Wombler (known locally as Madame Cholet!) and is out walking whenever she can and usually takes her litter picker and hoop with her! She is also a secret Biology and Eco nut fanatic. Clare loves any comedy and Corneluis's memes and posts.


Client Happy Ambassador
Buddy loves greeting visitors when they come to the office and will happily sit on your lap if given the opportunity. She will be more than happy to show you her party trick (waving) when you come and visit her!!