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How To Maximise Your Design Brief

The design brief is the first vital step to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the aims, objectives and aspirations of your project.

AMH Asks Bluestone Leasing

We spoke to Louise Harris and Nichola Hawkins from our finance partner, Bluestone Leasing, to talk us through the most common questions and concerns that businesses raise when deciding whether to finance their project or pay in cash.

A Timeline Guide to Moving Offices

When considering moving offices, we always recommend giving yourself as much lead time as possible. Having the right team of experts assisting you is crucial to having every stage of the re-location flow seamlessly into the next.

Is Your Workplace Contributing to Stress and Anxiety?

15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress between 2017-2018, according to a report on work related stress and anxiety by The Health and Safety Executive. Potential stressors include issues around job content and its demands, lack of support, organisational culture, bad management practices and the physical work environment. If these issues are excessive

Our Approach to Your Workspace Journey

Each project we undertake is driven by the desire to provide the best solution for your specific
workspace needs. As we work as partners through your brief and budget, together we’re able to
create your vision, through our expertise.

Sensory Considerations for Human-Centred Design

The look, feel, and functionality of a workspace should allow your team to perform in the most efficient and effective way. This includes creating the right environment to satisfy basic human sensory needs.

Planning for your Project

Like doing anything in the most efficient and effective way, designing and fitting-out your ideal workspace will always benefit from good preparation and planning.

Avoiding The Stuffy Office Slump

Maintaining productivity at work is one of the UK workforce’s biggest challenge. Whilst there’s a number of factors that can affect one’s engagement in the task at hand, air quality and thermal comfort in the office plays a big part in this.

Thoughts on the Future of the Workplace

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated a new way of working for the majority of
us and employers have learned to trust their employees to still get the job done without
necessarily being in the same physical space as them.

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