Bringing your ideas and aspirations to life

Creating the perfect office and working environment that employees are proud of and love to work and relax in.

We pride ourselves on our creative flair. We enjoy finding new, exciting ways to bring your projects to life that pushes boundaries to get the best result.

We take your initial concept and transform it into detailed working drawings and designs (both 2D and 3D). Every little detail is considered and included so you can fully understand how your new office will look.

What commitment is there to create detailed designs?

You haven’t committed to anything financially during the explore stage – we complete the initial brief and concept work for free.

We now look for you to appoint us as your working partner. This gives us the go ahead to progress the design work and create technical plans of your new office space. We will issue a letter of intent, which defines the fees as outlined in the budget. These fees will become payable should the project not proceed to the completion stage within an agreed period (usually 6 weeks).

What happens next?

When you’re satisfied that you want to proceed with the refurbishment or fit out work, our AMH design and build contract is drawn up. Once signed, working trades and local authority applications and agreements are formalised.

We are incredibly proud of what we do. Contact us, with a brief outline of your aspirations, and let us help you to create a working environment that your employees are proud of too.