The first step is to analyse what furniture you have now and what you need in the future – whether this is part of a full refurbishment or replacing old equipment. You’ll receive detailed drawings and plans for how the new furniture could work within the space. These will also highlight any potential issues – such as co-ordinating small power and data to suit the new layout.

The main considerations are:

  • What do you want (hard-wearing, sustainable or stylish)?
  • What happens to the old furniture (reuse, landfill or recycle)?

But what’s on most people’s minds is, what will new office furniture cost?

You will receive an honest and transparent breakdown of costs as part of your proposal. There is no upfront cost to work with us on developing the proposal. You only make a financial commitment when you are ready to progress further with the order. This is explained in more detail under Your Journey but it means you don’t have to worry about being hit with charges or contracts the moment you contact us.

Visit a furniture showroom

As an important element of office interior design and fit out, we recommend going to a showroom to see what’s available. Sit at some desks, spin around on some chairs or even lounge in the bucket seats – it’s not only a bit of fun, it enables you to see the fabrics and colours with your own eyes.

Creating the right environment

Fundamentally the furniture has to be right for the environment you are creating. We have a very good understanding of the products on the market and we can tell very quickly whether it will achieve what you need – from reception or breakout areas to desks and chairs.